“UN is a dark dirty techno-pop experiment based in Montreal Canada. Hypnotic minimal and trance, this music serves to connect the human experience to the human soul. Techno and house beats support a growing tension and drive repetitive basslines below looping vocals layered to create choral hymns. Using a variety of machinery, samplers and keyboards, the songs build in an exciting live performance, with haunted echoes of past and future, transporting us to the present; a thumping rave at a beautiful funeral for all the loves we once knew. It is both industrial and reverent, sanctimonious and wild. Giant black lego pieces fitting and falling out of each other culminating in Un-complicated, Un-hindered pop”. -Sid Fisher

UN has played many music festivals in Canada, the US and Europe and has been featured in tv commercials, film and the CBS television show; Unforgettable. It has previously produced an EP in cassette form (dubditchpicnic) and a full album in CD form. Both are available here for digital download:
New tracks are being released in Spring 2018. Stay tuned for “Not Before The Miracle”.

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